Fall 2022:

Think berry this fall!

I had so much fun creating this collection…it was such a challenge for me to use a hue (other than black lol).

I was able to challenge myself and stay, super focused on producing complete monochromatic, tone on tone looks from head to toe. And we did just that. My team worked so effortlessly throughout our winter break and took each of my illustrations, drapings, sketches, to fabric ideas and made them into such a pretty collection.

From bags, shoes, to clothing, everything was performed meticulously by the team in order to bring the vision to life. As this season marked our seventh year anniversary, we stayed in-step with our original silhouettes from the beginning.

I think, I’m also making it very clear – that we not only presented a new collection during the February, Fall’22 NYFW shows but we also opened a Concept Store during that season!

I’m not all, talk about it. I’m making the investment! It’s always very important for both founders and clients to meet (at some point) on the world stage.

We were in our New York City’s pop-up boutique for about 30 days and it was freezing cold the whole time (the heart of winter); yet it was so much fun to see our collection evolve into a real product. This was a combination of discipline and development on my part in order to pull this production off independently (out of pocket).  

In spite this being another courageous move, this time it was really tough to see the industry at large, completely ignore our production once again. I’m talking from black industry insiders to the white industry insiders, to you name it – they snubbed us so bad, to the point where they didn’t even respond back to our email invitation y’all.

In the past, I would have said, ?$@! you man! But this time around was different. I think the biggest difference was we needed help, and to see the same insiders that typically always leech off of us independent brands for corporate/financial advancement, not even return that support over was so foul man. And just to be clear, I’m not talking about strangers. I’m talking about people that I (we all) know, come into this industry and then take our stories, struggles, to our work as independent brands for their financial gains.

It’s so funny, to see them run around here and paint these horrible pictures of who we are as independent brands/designers in order to get attention/press. We see it all the time on social, I try to like the mess and keep it moving but, I think we know, we’re at the turning point right now in the world today.

It’s not acceptable any further, for organizations to completely judge us, pit us designers/creators against each other or the for bidden, single us out. They do this by saying, “oh we’re going to give you guys exposure”; even though they end up getting the exposure plus the financials from, (I would say for the lack of a better term) un-researched sponsors that think they are investing in or buying into the culture. I can tell you (un-researched sponsors), you’re losing it, thinking you can continue to buy your way into the culture (especially now through these independent agents). The purpose of a sponsor is to support the culture. And as quiet as it’s kept, I am the culture. I have always been the culture, baby.

Therefore when you’re the culture, you don’t have to put on a song and dance. Everything you see here is real, this right here, is real. Like I said, we are making the investments, so nah, ah, ah nah man, I’m tired of y’all playing us man! 

Of course I can go on and on about this clown behavior but what I would say to these specific insiders/agents/influencers [or whatever you guys call yourself these days]: I see you, I know you, [and you know me]. We play in the same circles. I don’t always come around because this is what it is – but you’re not getting away with this. I’m making it very clear across the board. There’s no apology needed here. It’s time to first eradicate this behavior within our own people/circles in order to do the same outside. A part of my job as a leader, is to rid this behavior going forward through and through; therefore consider it done full stop.

(In my Dominique Deveraux voice) Nevertheless, our models carried the looks through and through. Believe it or not, they all saw the collection for the first time, the day of the presentation yet they just dropped right into the looks so so so beautifully! In addition, my team was terrific! They were very supportive and they were very effective in pulling off this super exciting production.

These colors may not be what you would normally see in the fall but we’re taking them forward this season.

I do encourage you to try something from the collection especially if it’s not your normal fall color palette….you’re going to love the juxtaposition it offers!

Much more to come from this collection!


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