Fall 2021:

New York, New York – a hell of a town, the city so nice – they had to name it twice!

This collection was super important to not only photograph in New York City with the lights and city street vibes all around us! But to also stand firm in our spot as an independent brand – doing things independently. Support can come in many forms but when you don’t get it at all from your very own industry advocates (for the lack of a better term 🙂 you do what a New Yorker does, keep it moving man!

With this collection I was able to introduce our logo design on more clothing and accessory items to show the versatility of the design as well as the seamless flow it has around other garments. We also played around with our skyscraper wrap coat, showcasing it in different fabrics…

This collection also saw the launch of our official handbag line – we call this line of handbags “the jet bags.” The bags are currently offered in five different shapes and made out of vintage inspired materials, plus adorned with a metal chain strap and metal coins which showcased our companies branding such as logo and flowers.

Our Jet bags explained: basically, if you are getting off of a jet, you should be carrying one of our chain bags; or if you have to jet, then you should be carrying one of our bags 🙂

It took me about a a year to put the bag design together and then slowly adjust The functionality of the design. From there I commissioned our bag and shoe supplier based out of Queens, New York (who have been producing my bags and shoes since the inception) to engineer my designs into what you see today. I made sure the stitching, the materials to the way you carry the bags were all truly unique, somewhat-different yet modern enough to take us into the future.

“Oh my goodness, I can go on and on about these bags I love them so much… I keep all the samples by the way so when I tell you I have at least several of my own. I purposely wanted our bags to look and feel very vintage inspired something that you would have found in an attic, that was there for 10,000 years ago yet you see the modern place it has in the world today.”


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