What started out as a futuristic idea back in 2018 turned into an immediate road to travel, once I made my first out reach to a perfumer that understood my vision. Together we were able to turn my inspirations into beautiful scents.

From there, I learned everything I could about the perfume business; fragrances are something very close to my heart and are another strong product segment for our business.

For our first fragrance which is a Eau De Perfume, simply named “Eau De Perfume 0.21” which we first launched in 2021 (and re-released in 2022); was the corner stone of my inspiration for our Resort’21 collection. 

For that season, our resort collection was all about the 1920s jet-set lifestyle. The looks embodied travelers rushing off for the season with no real plans yet find themselves perfectly suited to be seen at the best art galleries, restaurants, to soirées all season long!

To complement this mix of ready-to-wear clothing, jewelry, and luxury goods, I turned to Master Perfumer, Geoffrey Nejman of Grasse, France to assemble my 1920s high fashion inspiration into a sensual fragrance with unique aroma compositions. “Indeed the simplicity of the aroma created is quite rare and allows you to enjoy the predominant notes of the floral head with white flowers from Jasmin, Lilium, White Rose, Pink Pepper, to Osmanthus,” says Geoffrey Nejman as he describes our fragrance’s alluring attributes. “White Musk will be the code that carries these essential seducing virtues. The top note of Jasmine and heart note of Moss are the melody of ecstasy and the expression of your wildest dreams. The base Woody notes are playing to cool down the passionate appetite and become a lovely harmony” all as you start to pack up your end of the season’s memories.

Our fragrance is a collaboration of fashion, art, and beauty ready to spray. We are pleased to welcome you to smell for yourself!


– Complete credits pending