“ I created the story for what we now call our “Jet Bags”. The story is simple – “If you’re on a jet then you should be carrying our Jet Bag and of course, if you have to jet then you should also be carrying our Jet Bag”.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a bag for every situation 🙂

I feel like bags complement the look as well as the person – they tell a story, they take you to the next level and they bring people with you.

I knew when I launched the brand, we would have bags throughout the collections. With that, we led with a canvas tote inspired by some of my totes I’ve worn over the years. I made sure that our tote would be super agile, you can throw anything in it and the dirtier the better.

As we continued to develop our bag line over multiple seasons, I felt like it was time to introduce a crossbody type of bag that would complement our tote bags (meaning if you’re carrying the tote by hand, you then can carry our crossbody bag as another layer of high society sophistication). 

So in 2021, I started putting together a few concept crossbody bag designs – the key was to create a bag that would allow itself to be re-introduced every season in the worlds best materials. Once I firmed up our bag design, I then added chain straps for that special touch of luxury as well as sealed our bags fate with our signature house coin motifs as the official hardware.

The look for our Jet Bags was simple (I think)….well the concept design started out as a well-to-do bag and then, the bag took a different turn. Basically, we make each bag here in New York by hand, therefore when you’re cutting materials and then sewing together by hand you’re – going to get that imperfection which can instantly turn something into a beautiful object. So as I was in the design seat and our bag design concept started to really evolve – I made sure the bags kept it’s integrity, from it’s shape, it’s drape to it’s bold looks.

Don’t be surprise when you see threads coming out of the end points of the bags, or fringes from the materials dangling around the edges of the bags….you’ll be looking at a masterpiece (in my opinion). You’ll be looking at a timeless design that is new, modern, but classic. Our Jet Bag design is something you tell your grandkids about. It’s something you got a love. It takes a while to get used to the shape and the look but once you do there’s no turning back.

I have a million of our Jet Bags and I carry them all the time; and I get so many compliments. Mind you, I had to carry the bags in order to test them out and make sure they would be functional for you, or maybe that was my excuse to have each sample to myself. lol

But, happy to share, our cross body Jet Bags are perfect and ready to go! They are so so so special, I can’t wait until you get one. I want to hear your story. I want to see how you wear our Jet Bag and all that!

I totally invite you to check out what we’re doing this season with our Jet Bags. We’re playing around with so many different materials and colors, colors, colors….yes for the very first time I’m moving away from all black (even though we have plenty of black Jet Bags for you)! 

Please please please check out our new collection of Jet Bags and let us know what you think. Also, be sure to get your hands on one of our Jet Bags this season!

Cheers and hope you love them as much as I do!!!


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