For me, it’s all about the earrings! That’s where I start with all my collections! What earrings are she going to wear?! 

With the inception of the brand, our earrings went hand-in-hand with the collections. I always say once you have the perfect pair of earrings the jewelry will follow. As I’m designing earrings for the collections, I start with our original silhouette which is a round shape, duel disk drop clip-ons. 

From there I’m able to evolve my designs into other double round dangle silhouettes; for me the larger, the better!

In addition to oversize vintage inspired earrings we also have our house coins. We currently have five different type of coins that represent our brand in a unique, motif way. As I designed each coin, I wanted them to say something about the brand, especially if you were to find our coins millions of years from now. As you will see throughout the collections we play with these coins all the time; as they can be found adorn on our Jet Bags, clothing items to our jewelry pieces. Check out what we have going this season in jewelry!


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