“As creative director of my namesake label, I represent the very culture in which I am. I built my Fashion, Art and Beauty design company with the intelligence of people and organizations before me, who paid the cost on all levels. Today, we are delivering on that responsibility we owe, by proceeding with transparent data science, innovative growth, and creative equity.”

“This work takes time. Think about it, when you mix creative designs and business intelligence, it makes sense to allow time for everything to gel.”

“Also you may not have the support you need upfront, or even the integrity. All that takes time to develop. Therefore when you arrive at that place in time, you’ll know; and you’ll also know how to then command, what’s yours.”

 “I hope that makes sense, and we hope you will continue to join us along the way, as we journey into the future we are creating.”  Dex

What We Do

Design for the future: We commit our innovative and creative thoughts every season towards our Fashion, Art, and Beauty design business; for the taking. 

Make sound investments: We invest our intellectual and financial capital in order to continue growing, developing plus reimagining our design house; enabling future generations to come.

Have skin in the game: We transact across key fashion, accessory, and cosmetic, to digital and real estate worlds with local as well as global suppliers and individuals in order to take our designs from concept to market; all in support of the industries we do business as well as hold accountable. 

Core Business:
– High Fashion Clothing, Handbags and Travel Goods plus Jewelry including Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings

Designed: by Dexter Cheston
Location: All Made in New York, NY America 

– For Clothing, Jewelry, Travel goods: We source materials including fabrics, notions, to trimmings and metals all globally, to be shipped to our New York City design center for production.

– For Beauty products, Dexter Cheston manages the creative direction for product formulas to the package design 


Supply-Chain Partnership
– We source materials including fabrics, notions, and trimmings globally, to be shipped to our New York City design center for internal production

– We partner with suppliers in order to sample our outsourced produced products for production consideration

– We build our product packaging concepts across our fashion, art and beauty businesses and partner with suppliers for production 

Our products are currently sold exclusively through the following channels:

– The DEXTERDEXTERDEXTER online website

– The DEXTERDEXTERDEXTER pop up boutiques
– New York City show room 

Sectoral and Strategic Growth Businesses

Eyewear for Spectacles and Sunglasses
– Designed by Dexter Cheston
– All Made Globally

Fragrance for Sprays and Oils
– Curated by Creative Director Dexter Cheston
– All Made in France

Makeup for Face, Eyes, Lips, Nails and Body
– Curated by Creative Director Dexter Cheston
– All Made in America

Skincare for Face and Body
– Curated by Creative Director Dexter Cheston
– All Made in America

Hair Care Products for Cleansing, Conditioning and Styling
– Curated by Creative Director Dexter Cheston
– All Made in America

Our Creative Director, Dexter Cheston directs the color palettes as well as the inspiration ideas behind all of our seasonal collections including Clothing, Handbags, Eyewear, Jewelry to Beauty and Art decor and furnishings. 

Client Engagement:

 Business –

– Gourmet Foods, Coffee and Teas tasting events
– Fashion runway shows, presentations, and parties
– Virtual and Live product releases / drops

Communications – 

In support of our business, operations to product releases / drops we credentialize our internal digital as well as print publishing and media, including:

– In-house Photography / Graphic Design
– Videos / Films
– Online Platforms / Databases
– Coffee Table Books and Magazines
– Lookbooks / Brochures
– Advertising Campaigns
– Invitations, Emails, and Documents
– Social Media Post, Comments to Notifications
– Corporate Affairs, Releases, to Archiving