Who We Are

Hi and welcome to our exciting Art, Fashion and Beauty platform!

At DEXTERDEXTERDEXTER, we are a privately held, American high fashion design company with a focus on minimalist high fashion ready-made clothing, travel bags, eyewear, to jewelry, perfumes and beauty products. 

Founded in 2015 by Fashion Designer, Dexter Cheston in New York City, we are a new super luxury fashion house, creating looks for the avant-gardes as they come.

Dexter Cheston also serves as our Global President and Creative Art Fashion Beauty Director of the DEXTERDEXTERDEXTER Corporation as well as Chairman of the DEXTERDEXTERDEXTER Management Committee and Board of Directors.

Our luxury goods and accessories has been personified globally through fashion models, idols to musicians alike. 

As our house’s Creative Director, Dexter Cheston directs our creatives, marketing to production and sales across all of business product lines.

Extending influence beyond fashion, Dex realizes our design aesthetic plus our operational principles for the vertical products and services we offer, client events we host, plus leading our critical business development, enabling sustainable corporate strategies for all, to managing the risk within our user experience environments. 

Dex’ bust, designed by Dex, is our label’s official logo; and can be found adorn on our nickel plated coin jewelry, clothing to handbags.

Our DEXTERDEXTERDEXTER motif can be found on our clothing and material products as well as across written communications and documents for all of our digital and print media. 

Our Culture:

Through digital commodities and live transactions, we are the advisers to the culture (in which we are from) when selecting the best of the best of our art, fashion and beauty products and services.

Our People:
We work with suppliers and production companies alike, with one common goal – produce the perfect product under our creative directors direction, at all times.

The people that operate within our firm are dedicated, trustworthy individuals who believe in what we are doing.

Our Clients:
It doesn’t matter, who you are and what you do yet once you discover our brand through a purchase or a post, you are our client. And that value is forever! 

As you explore it all, from our gourmet food pairing recipes, fashion career opportunities with us, to watching live coverage of our seasonal runway shows – we encourage you to shop the collections and grow with us as we grow with you!

With complements,